Teaching Strategies: Service Learning

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Teaching Strategies: Service Learning

Service Learning is a pedagogy that combines classroom instruction, engaged student learning, meaningful service in the community, and personal reflection. The resources here provide examples of existing service learning courses at U-M and other institutions, as well as strategies for creating new service learning opportunities.

Service Learning at U-M (Ginsberg Center)
Overview of service learning programs and opportunities at the University of Michigan.

Service Learning in Undergraduate Education: Where is it Going? (Erlich, 2005, The Carnegie Foundation)
Commentary on the evolution of service learning in higher education, and its future directions regarding education for liberal and professional learning, leadership development, and democratic participation.

Service Learning and Faculty Development (Campus Compact)
Campus Compact maintains a large database of models of service-learning and other programs, syllabi from across disciplines and institutions, and faculty development programs that reward community-based work 

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