Teaching Philosophies from U-M

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Teaching Philosophies from U-M

U-M graduate students and postdocs created these examples as part of the Rackham-CRLT Preparing Future Faculty Seminar. They are published here with the authors' consent. These examples represent the many different approaches to writing a teaching philosophy. According to CRLT's rubric for evaluating teaching philosophy statements, we consider each example to be "excellent" in at least one rubric category (e.g., goals for student learning, teaching methods, assessment of student learning, teaching inclusively, and structure, rhetoric and language).  

NOTE: These examples are available for review and should not be duplicated. Doing so is an act of plagiarism.

CRLT Occasional Paper No. 23: Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy for the Academic Job Search


Anonymous (Biomedical Engineering)
Anonymous (Industrial and Operations Engineering)
Anonymous (Industrial and Operations Engineering)
Anonymous (Materials Science and Engineering)
Anonymous (Mechanical Engineering)
Ruba Borno (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Neal Patwari (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Diane Peters (Mechanical Engineering)
Alireza Tabatabaeenejad (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Steven Zalek (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering)


Anonymous (American Culture)
Anonymous (American Studies)
Anonymous (Asian Languages and Cultures)
Anonymous (Ethnomusicology)
Anonymous (Communication Studies)
Laura Ambrose, (English Language and Literature)
Tyler Cornelius, (American Culture)
John W. Hill, (Theatre Studies)
Jesse Johnston, (Musicology)
Olivier Delers (Romance Languages and Literatures)
Colin Roust (Musicology)
Daniel Mrozowski  (English Language and Literature)
Corine Tachtiris (Comparative Literature)
Urmila Venkatesh (Fine Art)

Natural and Physical Sciences

Anonymous (Geological Sciences)
Anonymous (Microbiology and Immunology)
Rachel Adams, (Cellular and Molecular Biology)
Eileen Rillamas-Sun (Epidemiology)
Corrinne Richards, (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Lesley Sefcik (Natural Resources and Environment)
Craig Spencer, (Mathematics)
Lindsey Waddell, (Geological Sciences)
Andrea Walther, (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Social Sciences

Anonymous (Natural Resources and Environment)
Anonymous (Natural Resources and Environment)
Anonymous (Psychology)
Anonymous (Psychology)
Anonymous (Psychology)
Anonymous (Social Work/Political Science)
Carrie Beyer (Education)
Debra Burns Melican, (Communications)
Yolanda Covington-Ward, (Anthropology)
Katherine Fiori (Psychology)
Tiffany Joseph (Sociology)
Shanna Kirschner, (Political Science)
Jonathan Lanning (Economics)
Christopher Odato (Linguistics)
Carla Pfeffer, (Women’s Studies and Sociology)
Amy Trahan (Psychology)


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