Using Clickers for Active Learning and Critical Thinking

Resource Title:
Using Clickers for Active Learning and Critical Thinking
Technology Type:
Personal Response System
Technology Tool:
Personal Response System (Clickers)
Pedagogical Goal:
Answering student questions
Increasing engagement and/or interactivity
Administering tests and quizzes
Course Type:
Academic Area:
Science, Technology, and Math
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Faculty Name:
Josepha Kurdziel

Josepha Kurdziel, ( from Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, LSA, demonstrated and discussed her use of the wireless classroom response systems to involve students in active learning and critical thinking in large lectures at the CRLT IT Luncheon on Friday February 4, 2005.

You can see her PowerPoint presentation (in note form) and watch a preview, and/or an edited version of the presentation.

PowerPoint notes - .pdf (48 KB)
Preview of Presentation- (3.7 MB - 1.51 minutes)
IT Luncheon Presentation - (74.3 MB - 33.21 minutes)

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