Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Nominations for the Teaching Innovation Prize (TIP)

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  1. What is the Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prize?
    Unlike other teaching prizes that honor instructors' overall teaching excellence, this Prize honors original, specific innovations to improve student learning. Examples are new ways to engage students in the learning process, new uses of instructional technology, new approaches to student collaboration, or new methods of replicating the advantages of a small course in a large lecture.
  2. What is the intended use of the prize money?
    The prize money may be used for any teaching or research activities.
  3. Who is eligible to receive this award?
    The award is open to tenured and tenure-track faculty, clinical instructional faculty, and lecturers who have continuing appointments on the University's Ann Arbor campus.
  4. Who reviews the TIP nominations and selects finalists and winners?
    A faculty committee reviews the nominations, selects the finalists, and recommends the winners to the Provost.
  5. Can nominations be made by multiple people?
    It is fine for multiple people to nominate the same teaching innovation. Coordinated nominations are also allowed.
  6. Can I submit other related material (e.g., CV or letters of support) with the nomination?
    We don't need additional material at the first stage of the nomination. After the TIP review committee selects finalists, we request from all the finalists supporting materials, including letters of support and other project/course related material.
  7. Is there a place in the nomination/application process for letters of support from colleagues and students?
    Prior to the second round of selections, we request from all the finalists additional information/materials, including letters of support. However, we don't need letters of support when nominations are submitted.

  8. How long should the description of a Teaching Innovation be?
    The description should be succinct. Description length should be at least 250 words and should not exceed 800 words.

  9. Can alumni and others currently not affiliated with the U-M submit nominations for this prize?
    Yes, nominations will be accepted from a wide range of instructional settings, including those outside U-M.
  10. Can nominations for the Teaching Innovation Prize ONLY be submitted online?
    Yes, please complete the nomination form on the web (
  11. Can nominators request anonymity?
    We ask for the nominator’s contact information in order to communicate with him/her about possible problems with the nomination material and we notify the nominator if the nominee becomes a finalist for the Teaching Innovation Prize. However, nominees are never told who nominated them.