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Interviewing for the Academy
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Sharpen your interview skills and go into academic interviews prepared. These resources offer practice questions, strategies for interviews, and suggestions for how to prepare for interviews. You'll also find resources for preparing for different interview formats: on campus, at conferences, over the phone or Skype, etc.

U-M Career Center resources for interviewing in person. These resources include an orientation to interviewing at conferences and campuses.

U-M Career Center resources for other interview formats. Offers strategies and resources for interviewing over the phone or video, i.e. Skype.

Interview Questions. From Inside Higher Ed, a list of questions commonly asked at academic job interviews.

Schedule a practice interview. U-M's Career Center offers 40 minute practice interviews for all students. In addition, many departments offer practice academic interview opportunities for their students. Talk with your graduate coordinator for details.

Interviewing For the Academy. These slides and handouts from a 2015 PFF workshop offer resources on interviewing for both academic and non-academic positions. The workshop was designed and delivered by Paula Wisheart, Rackham Graduate School.

What to Expect at a Community College Interview. This article from the Chronicle outlines a typical interview process used by many community colleges.


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