Seminar Room Design

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Seminar Room Design

Seating 20-25, these rooms are oriented to group work, class discussion and other collaborative learning projects.

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  • Tables and chairs should be moveable to allow for various classroom configurations (Allen, et al., 1996).

Instructional Media

  • Overhead projectors and computer projectors should be on moveable carts (Allen et al., 1996; Cornell University, 1998).


  • Lectern should be moveable (Cornell University, 1998).
  • A portable floor or table–top lectern should be used (Allen, et al., 1996).

Noise Reduction

  • Carpeting, drapes and upholstered furnishing should be considered (Allen et al., 1996; Burnett et al., 2003).

Screen and Blackboard

  • The projection screen and blackboard should be positioned for simultaneous use (Burnett et al., 2003.

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