Guidelines for Learning Spaces

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Guidelines for Learning Spaces

Recommendations for the renovation and construction of learning spaces at the University of Michigan


The design of any learning space is a collaborative effort between architects, facilities managers, engineers, IT specialists, university administrators and–perhaps most importantly–students and faculty. Primary consideration should be for the immediate and long-term purposes of the space and the needs of the users. Therefore, because the purpose of a space and the needs of learners vary, designs should be flexible (Chism & Bickford, 2002; Oblinger, 2004).  Classroom and building design should also be mindful of the fact that learning is not restricted to the bounds of a classroom, studio or lab, but may arise in any physical or virtual space.

The links below give guidelines for the common issues that apply to all learning spaces as well as the specific issues that apply to particular learning spaces.

Particular spaces:

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CRLT Consultation Services for Learning Space Design

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