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Mentoring Undergraduate Students
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The academy is one place where the apprenticeship model persists. Academic careers are built on mentoring. Graduate students and postdocs must seek out the best mentoring they can receive, and must also learn to mentor others, such as undergraduates. The resources on this page offer some insights into this process.


Mentoring & Advising. Rackham offers a rich collection of resources on mentoring and advising for U-M students.

Picking a Good Mentor. Students can benefit from having both an advisor and a mentor. This resource details how to seek guidance during your graduate career

Some Important Things Most Students Never Ask About Graduate School. Written for engineering graduate students, but much of this excellent advice about advisors and mentors will cross disciplinary boundaries

Choosing the Right Research Advisor. A taxonomy of the types of research advisor

Having "The Conversation." Advice for how to tell your research advisor that you don't want to be a professor, but also contains useful advice for how to think about how to generally think about and discuss your intended career pathway.

On Mentoring First Generation and Graduate Students of Color. An article from Melissa Lopez that offers practical advice for mentors of underrepresented students

Five Effective Strategies for Mentoring Undergraduates: Students' Perspectives. This article from CUR Quarterly offers advice on mentoring undergraduates from undergraduates.

Mentoring Undergraduate Students. The slides and video from this 2014 PFF panel shows panelists highlighting ways for prospective faculty to engage in mentoring even while in graduate school, offering strategies for building effective mentoring relationships with undergraduates, and providing insight on the role of undergraduate mentoring in faculty work life.  

  • Amber Smith, Instructional Consultant, CRLT
  • Sandra Gregerman, Director of Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), U-M
  • Lanny Potts, Professor and Chair of Theater Arts, Kalamazoo College
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