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Navigating a Challenging Academic Job Market
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graphic of notepad/check list With fewer tenure track positions and more competition for available positions, how do you distinguish yourself as a candidate among hundreds of other applicants? Leverage your network to help you land a job, either academic or not.

Building Communities of Support Toward a Successful Academic Job Search. Pursuing an academic job can be an intellectually demanding and highly competitive process. Proactively and intentionally developing professional relationships can maximize your opportunities to stand out as a job candidate. The materials from this 2015 PFF workshop outline specific strategies for fostering professional relationships that will lead to greater success in your academic job search and beyond. Presented by Paula Wishart (Academic Program Officer for Professional Development, Rackham Graduate School) and Larry Rowley (Adjunct Assistant Professor of Afroamerican and African Studies, U-M).

How To Work the Conference, Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. What do you do while you're at the big annual meeting of your discipline? Dr. Karen explains how to network to your advantage while attending.

How to Network from WikiHow. A surprisingly comprehensive and useful set of practices for networking, both in person and online.


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