Spring 2010 Provost's Seminar on Teaching: Dialogues on Teaching Sustainability

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Spring 2010 Provost's Seminar on Teaching: Dialogues on Teaching Sustainability

Dialogues on Teaching Sustainability: Where Music Meets Medicine, Engineering Meets Politics, the Humanities Meet Business, etc.

Convened twice per year, Provost’s Seminars on Teaching provide an opportunity for lively and substantive dialogue about a wide range of teaching and learning issues campus wide, across disciplinary boundaries. The Spring 2010 Seminar on teaching about sustainability included keynote addresses by Don Scavia, Special Counsel to the President for Sustainability and Graham Family Professor of Environmental Sustainability, and Lydia McMullen-Laird, Undergraduate Student in the Ford School of Public Policy, as well as a poster fair, concurrent sessions, and roundtable discussions featuring diverse faculty approaches to teaching about sustainability.

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The U-M Presidential Sustainability Initiative

Grants For Teaching Sustainability:
Course Design, Curriculum Reform, and Assessment of Student Learning

Provost's Seminar Plenary Session Materials

Poster Session: Spotlight on Diverse Faculty Approaches to Teaching Sustainability

Featured Faculty Member Unit Poster Title
Joel Blum Geological Sciences, LSA Sustainable and Fossil Energy: Options and Consequences
Andy Hoffman Ross School of Business Interdisciplinary Teams Collaborate To Design Green Buildings
Greg Keoleian Civil & Environmental Engineering What Are the Environmental Impacts of Everyday Technologies?
Susan Scott Parrish English Language & Literature, LSA Historical Literary Analysis and the Evolution of Responses to American Nature
Shobita Parthasarathy Ford School of Public Policy Students Role Play Stakeholder Positions To Simulate Policy Debates
Ivette Perfecto
Catherine Badgley
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Residential College, LSA
Food, Land, and Society: Diverse Perspectives on Agricultural Ecology, Economics, and Policy
Stephanie Preston Psychology, LSA Combining a Faculty Seminar Series and Online Learning Teaches Research Skills
Barry Rabe Ford School of Public Policy Student Research Conferences Create a Community of Scholars on Climate Change Policy
Irv Salmeen
Carl Simon
Complex Systems
Economics; Math, LSA
What Do the Physical Sciences and Social Systems Tell Us About Sustainability?
Joe Trumpey School of Art & Design “Living in Nature” Develops Observational Skills and Ecological Literacy Through Art


Faculty Presentations: Teaching Strategies for Actively Engaging Students In Sustainability Issues


Presenter Unit Session Title
James Crowfoot Michigan Community Scholars, LSA
School of Natural Resources and Environment
Environment, Religions, Spirituality and Sustainability: Facilitating Discussions on Contested Viewpoints
Tom Gladwin Ross School of Business Teaching Systems Thinking: Combining Instructional Technology and Role Playing To Simulate Complex Problems and Potential Solutions
Larissa Larsen Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning Case Studies with Vexing Trade-Offs: Developing Critical Thinking Skills Through Comparative Analysis
Lorelle Meadows College of Engineering Socially Relevant Professional Practice: Problem Solving and Ethical Decision Making Through Service Learning
Joan Nassauer Landscape Architecture
School of Natural Resources and Environment
Using Case-Based Pedagogies to Provoke Interdisciplinary Innovations
Maria Rodriguez Residential College and English Language Institute, LSA Sustainability in the Humanities: Self-Awareness through Service Learning in Migrant Communities
Michael Shriberg Program in the Environment, LSA Action-Based Learning: Exploring the Campus as a Laboratory for Learning About Sustainability
Jeffrey Steiger Center for Research on Learning and Teaching Theatre of the Oppressed: Facilitating Difficult Dialogues with Interactive Theatre and Role Playing
Robert Swedberg School of Music, Theatre and Dance The Green Opera: Infusing Sustainability into Disciplinary Training and Studio Courses

Resources for Teaching About Sustainability