Teaching Philosophies

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Developing Your Teaching Philosophy
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small graphic showing a note pad Many academic employers require a teaching philosophy statement as part of the application process. CRLT offers many resources on this important document, in addition to offering regular seminars on the subject, both face-to-face and online.


Resources: Teaching Philosophies

CRLT Resources on The Teaching Philosophy/Teaching Statement, including example philosophies, a rubric for assessing teaching philosophies, and links to other resources.

CRLT Workshops on Teaching Philosophies. CRLT offers a workshop on teaching philosophies as part of its seminar series, in addition to an online workshop.

CRLT Consultations on Teaching Philosophies. To request a consultation, fill out the form here.

Resources: Related Documents

Diversity Statement. Document containing resources and prompts for helping you begin to write a diversity statement

CRLT Resources on Teaching Portfolios. A teaching portfolio documents the scope and quality of your teaching work, and may be a required document for certain positions.


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