Thinking Long-term: Next Steps for Engaged Learning at Michigan & Beyond

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Provost's Seminar on Teaching: thinking long term next steps for engaged learning at michigan and beyond

University of Michigan Provost's Seminar on Teaching: Thinking Long-term: Next Steps for Engaged Learning at Michigan & Beyond. This page contains videos of the opening plenary remarks as well as materials and resources for each of the breakout sessions. The keynote speaker for the May 2016 Provost's Seminar on Teaching was Dr. Randy Bass, Vice Provost for Education, Georgetown University. 

Full Seminar Program Including Project Descriptions


Plenary Session:


Matthew Kaplan, Executive Director, Center for Research on Learning & Teaching 


Remarks by James Holloway, Vice Provost for Global & Engaged Education


Presentation by Randy Bass, Vice Provost for Education, Georgetown University 


Concurrent Sessions I:

Michigan Engaging Community Through the Classroom (MECC): A Community-Based, Engaged-Learning, Inter-disciplinary Teaching Initiative at the University of Michigan

Workshop co-facilitators: Richard Norton & Paul Fontaine, MECC; Samantha Hallman, CRLT

Field-based Student Engagement and the Academy: A U-M Main Campus & U-M Biological Station Initiative

Workshop co-facilitators: Alicia Farmer, Knute Nadelhoffer, Jason Tallant, UMBS; Larissa Larsen, Urban Planning; Keith Taylor, English; Matt Kaplan, CRLT

Personalized Learning at Scale: Engaging Every Student as an Individual 

Workshop co-facilitators: Tim McKay; Rachel Niemer, DEI; Tershia Pinder-Grover, CRLT-Engin

Practice Sessions

Workshop co-facilitators: Ellie Abrons & Adam Fure; Stephanie Kusano, CRLT

Engaging the Archives: New Partnerships and Understandings of Teaching and Learning with Primary Sources 

Workshop co-facilitators: Elizabeth Yakel, Information; Aprille McKay & Cinda Nofziger, Bentley Historical Library; Deborah Meizlish, CRLT

Reimagining Legal Education

Workshop co-facilitators: Nancy Vettorello, Law; Ronit Greenberg, CRLT

Concurrent Sessions II:

Interprofessional Health Education & Collaborative Care

Workshop co-facilitators: Frank Ascione & Anica Madeo, Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education; Gundy Sweet, Pharmacy; Gina Shereda, CRLT

M-Write II

Workshop facilitators: Anne Gere; Ginger Shultz; Theresa Braunschneider, CRLT

Gameful Assessment in Michigan Education (GAME): Building a Community of Engaged Learners and Teachers Supported by Gradecraft

Workshop co-facilitators: Barry Fishman; Rachel Niemer; Tershia Pinder-Grover, CRLT-Engin

Changing the Way We Teach the Ancient World: Engaged Learning Tools for Ancient World Classrooms 

Workshop co-facilitators: Yaron Eliav; Julie Evershed; Erping Zhu, CRLT

Citizen Interaction Design 

Workshop co-facilitators: Clifford Lampe, Scott Tenbrink, & Kelly Kowatch; Samantha Hallman & Stephanie Kusano, CRLT

Michigan Sustainability Cases: Transforming Sustainability Education and Case-based Teaching 

Workshop co-facilitators: Arun Agrawal, Harold Rice, & Arman Golrokhian, SNRE; Meg Bakewell & Tracy Bartholomew, CRLT


Provost's seminar on teaching promotional material