Provost's Teaching Innovation Prize Winners

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Awarded in: 2023
Recipient(s) Title

James Holly, Jr.

Julie Hui

Isaac Wingfield

Matias del Campo

Yazmin Moll
Rebecca Scharbach Wollenberg
Awarded in: 2022
Recipient(s) Title


Michelle Bellino

Timothy Cheek

Josh Pasek

Elle O’Brien
Awarded in: 2021
Recipient(s) Title

Mark Cohen

Ali Shapiro

Daicia Price

Chad Jenkins
Jessy Grizzle
Maani Ghaffari
Dwayne Joseph

Ayesha Ghazi Edwin

Julie Boland
Joshua Rabinowitz
Colleen Seifert
Awarded in: 2020
Recipient(s) Title

Annica Cuppetelli

David A. Zopf MD, MS

Thomas Schmidt

Robin Fowler
Laura Alford
Stephanie Sheffield

Patrick Barry
Soojin Kwon
Awarded in: 2019
Recipient(s) Title

August Evrard

Elisabeth R. Gerber

Matthew Diemer

Ginger Shultz
Anne Ruggles Gere

Stephanie Tharp
Eric Svaan
Awarded in: 2018
Recipient(s) Title

Barry Belmont

Megan Tompkins-Stange

Jesse E. Hoffnung-Garskof

Shahnaz Broucek

Colleen Seifert
Awarded in: 2017
Recipient(s) Title

Sandro Cinti
Michael Cole
Michelle Daniel
Douglas Gelb

Mary Lou Dorf

Lolita Hernandez
Craig Regester
Stephen Ward

Stephen Rush
Amy Chavasse, Yojairo Lomeli,
Andrew Thompson, and Herbert Winful