Let's Make a Screencast

In this workshop, we will be providing a basic overview of the screencasting software Jing, followed by a hands-on opportunity to practice creating your own screencast. Screencasting is a method of capturing both audio and visual information from a computer to make a video that can be easily shared, expanding your classroom and increasing your efficiency. Jing is a free program that lets you narrate and record short (5 minutes or less) videos, which you can use to provide information on confusing topics, tutorials, student feedback, and student assignments. Participants will each record a brief screencast on a topic of their choice with the support of the facilitators. There will be opportunities to receive feedback on these videos and explore the variety of uses for screencasting in academic settings.

Event Information
Location (Room):
CRLT Seminar Room (1013 Palmer Commons)
Erin Lynch
U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate:
Requirement B2, Instructional Technology
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