Teaching in Tumultuous Times: Making Choices About How to Address the World Beyond Your Classroom [GSIs & Postdocs Only] *NEW SESSION*

Racist fliers, hateful graffiti, mass shootings, emails threatening violence:  Students often report feeling alienated or confused when instructors in their courses do not acknowledge such unsettling events going on in the world outside the classroom. We know that students can find it difficult to learn in the midst of such troubling events and that courses across the curriculum can offer students tools for understanding and navigating a broad range of relevant issues. But given the frequent turmoil in recent months on our campus and beyond, it's not always easy for instructors to decide whether and how to address such events with our students, especially when we already have a full schedule of learning activities planned. What considerations might guide such decisions?  This workshop provides an opportunity for instructors to think together about that question and then work through several options for engaging with students about emerging events on campus and beyond. We will consider strategies ranging from a brief acknowledgment to a substantial revision of your lesson plan and will pay particular attention to best practices for framing classroom conversations about potentially sensitive topics. 

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CRLT Seminar Room (1013 Palmer Commons)
Finn Bell
Graduate Student
Graduate Students
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Requirement B2, Diversity and Inclusive Teaching
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