Using Digital Tools to Facilitate Student Collaboration

Please bring a charged device with you if you would like to explore the digital tools discussed during the session.

In this interactive session, participants will learn about and engage with digital tools to support student collaboration. Collaboration can increase students’ learning, particularly their academic skill development and understanding of course material, and provides short-term and long-term opportunities for students to partner both inside and outside of the classroom. Collaboration can also increase student engagement and their sense of belonging or community in a course.

Participants in this workshop will reflect on their current methods of organizing groups and consider ways in which they can incorporate digital tools to promote and support student collaboration inside and outside of the classroom.


Event Information
Location (Room):
CRLT Seminar Room (1013 Palmer Commons)
Ronit Ajlen
Graduate Students
U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate:
Requirement B2, Instructional Technology
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