Introduction to Teaching with HyFlex with Dr. Jack Miller

HyFlex (hybrid-flexible) is a course design model that provides synchronous and asynchronous options for student participation that are both integrated and equivalent. HyFlex differs from other hybrid models because it allows students to create their own unique hybrid experience by choosing their mode of participation each day (or week). In contrast, other hybrid models might offer alternating synchronous and asynchronous class days or ask students to commit to a single synchronous or asynchronous track at the beginning of the term. With its focus on flexibility and choice, HyFlex can help students with diverse backgrounds and in diverse circumstances access learning. Importantly, it also can help students continue to learn when the conditions for learning change unexpectedly. 

In this interactive synchronous session, Dr. Jack Miller (Department of Statistics, U-M) will introduce instructors to the foundational principles of HyFlex teaching. Since 2011, Dr. Miller has used a HyFlex model to teach high-enrolling Statistics courses, offering students daily choices for attendance and participation that include in-person synchronous, remote synchronous, and asynchronous options. Participants will learn the basic elements of HyFlex, strategies for implementation, and ways to support students in navigating their HyFlex options. This session is especially relevant for instructors who are beginning to explore hybrid options for teaching or are considering HyFlex for their upcoming courses. 

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Graduate Students
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