Teaching effectively as part of a GSI-faculty team

How can GSIs prepare themselves for a successful and rewarding experience on a teaching team? In this asynchronous 5-day workshop, participants will learn about and discuss strategies and scenarios to help them effectively manage teaching responsibilities and build productive relationships on an instructional team - with faculty, other GSIs, and with students. Activities and reflections will cover themes such as seeking clarity and transparency around expectations, ways to proactively and efficiently prepare for teaching responsibilities, strategies for mentorship and professional development, and techniques to help productively handle issues and challenges that might arise when doing the work of teaching. The facilitator will host an optional one-hour synchronous Q&A session on Thursday, April 8, 4:00-5:00 pm EST, for those enrolled in the workshop.

This workshop will be beneficial to GSIs at all levels of experience, teaching in any format and discipline. At the end of this asynchronous workshop, participants will be equipped with ideas and practices that facilitate confidence, agency, and time management, for their roles on a faculty-GSI team. 


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Karishma Collette
Graduate Students
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