Applying Anti-Racist Pedagogies: Developing A Critical Reflective Practice

This interactive synchronous session is a follow-up to the CRLT workshop, "Principles & Practices of Anti-Racist Pedagogies." The "Principles & Practices" session posits that both anti-racist course design and facilitation begin with a critical reflection on the part of the instructor. In this follow-up workshop, instructors will begin to engage with the foundational best practice of critical self-reflection around their anti-racist teaching commitments and practices. The facilitator will lead participants through a series of individual, pair, and small group reflection exercises. These interactive exercises are aimed to help instructors better understand (1) the purpose of anti-racism in their teaching practices (2) methods to assess their current course design & facilitation practices in light of anti-racist teaching principles, and (3) how to develop a personal plan for continued learning and accountability around their anti-racist teaching goals & objectives. As a follow-up, this is not an introductory session. It will be most helpful for participants who have attended the "Principles & Practices of Anti-Racist Pedagogies" workshop or who have had other significant exposure to anti-racism focused trainings, scholarship, &/or advocacy. 

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Graduate Students
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Requirement B2, Diversity and Inclusive Teaching
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