Frameworks for Learner-centered & Equity-focused Syllabus Design

What is the role of your syllabus in setting the foundation for student success and creating an equitable and learner-centered course environment? Does it get students excited to learn and provide a roadmap for success? Does it make room for diversity, work toward inclusion, and aim to ensure equity? During this interactive synchronous session, we’ll discuss the features and components of two frameworks, learner-centered design and equity-focused teaching, that can help to center and support student learning and experiences in your courses. Participants will practice applying the session’s framework to syllabus examples and will leave with inclusive and equity-focused tools and strategies to support revising their syllabi so that they serve both as learning devices and guides for students. This session will be helpful for both new and seasoned instructors, and particularly helpful for those who are planning on creating new course syllabi or revising existing syllabi in the near future.

Event Information
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Remote Event
Jeanne Andreoli
U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate:
Requirement B2, Diversity and Inclusive Teaching
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