Interactive Lecturing: Combining Lectures with Active Learning Techniques

Lectures play a vital role in teaching and achieving your student learning goals. But how can you enhance your lectures’ effectiveness with interactivity? Interactive lecturing, an approach that uses small and manageable “engagement triggers” or active learning techniques to break up a more traditional lecture, has been shown to be a useful method for increasing student engagement and improving student learning in the classroom.  In this 5-day asynchronous workshop, participants will learn why interactive lecturing should be considered, whether teaching online or in person, and explore strategies to help students engage in lecture. Participants will walk away with concrete activities that can be easily integrated into their existing lectures. This session is intended for both new and seasoned instructors, teaching online or face-to-face. It may be particularly helpful for instructors who currently teach lecture-based classes are looking to expand their teaching toolkit in this context.

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Remote Event
Bethany Morrison
Graduate Students
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Requirement B2
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