Finding the Right Balance: Integrating Pre-Class and In-Class Learning in your Flipped Classroom

“Flipping” the classroom refers, in general, to a course design whereby learners engage meaningfully with content prior to class and then deepen their learning and understanding during class time, often through extended structured activities. In this "flipped" workshop, we will explore the flipped classroom course design model, including the research supporting its use, and work through some essential considerations such as: What objectives and activities should be included in the pre-class component versus the in-class component? How should the learning across these different modalities be connected? How do I balance the workload for myself and my students? How can the flipped model be used to support equity-focused teaching? This workshop will be helpful for instructors wishing to implement flipped classroom environments and particularly helpful for those who have started working with flipped classroom techniques and who wish to learn more and further refine their flipped instructional plans.

NOTE: This workshop is also flipped, with expectation that participants will spend approximately 30-60 minutes online (via Canvas) prior to participating in the 90-minute synchronous session.

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