Exploring Alternative Grading Strategies

The way that instructors assess student performance has a profound effect on how students experience learning and how instructors spend their time inside and outside of class. In this online synchronous workshop, participants will learn about three alternatives to traditional grading that attempt to ameliorate the learning experience and make better use of instructors’ limited resources: Mastery Grading, Contract Grading, and Ungrading. Participants will reflect upon their current grading methods, explore the benefits of alternative assessment practices, and consider how they might implement them in their teaching context. During the workshop, participants will engage in individual reflection and have opportunities to converse with their peers about their teaching goals, existing grading practices, and ways they might use new grading methods in future courses. Special attention will be given to how alternative grading methods can help instructors practice equity-focused teaching. This introductory workshop is targeted toward all instructors who are looking to advance their teaching toolkit around assessment of student learning.

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