Understanding How Stereotype Threat, Impostor Syndrome, and Growth Mindset Affect Student Learning

Session Format: Remote synchronous (Zoom)

Intended Audience: Faculty, Graduate Students, UG Instructional Assistants, Postdocs, Admin/Staff

Facilitators: Audra Baleisis, Deborah Lichti

Session Abstract: Research shows that when students worry about fulfilling a negative stereotype related to certain social identities, it can hurt their learning (a phenomenon known as stereotype threat). Research also shows that an instructor’s beliefs about their own and their students’ intelligence and ability impact the classroom environment. In this interactive session, participants will reflect on instructor and student social identities and learn about strategies for mitigating stereotype threat, impostor syndrome, and encouraging a growth mindset for students in their classes.

GTC eligible? Yes - B2-DEI

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Remote Event
Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students
U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate:
Requirement B2, Diversity and Inclusive Teaching
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