Designing Classroom Activities for Accessibility

Session Format: In-person

Intended Audience: Faculty, Graduate Students, Postdocs

Facilitator(s): Kathryn Hendrickson, Bethany Morrison

Session Abstract: Active learning can make teaching more engaging, provide immediate feedback on student learning, and give students valuable opportunities to practice the skills they need to be successful. Learning experiences designed without a central consideration of accessibility, however, may lead to inequitable outcomes for students with disabilities. In this in-person workshop, participants will: explore one approach (Universal Design for Learning) to promote teaching for accessibility; practice identifying barriers to participation in order to design activities around accessibility; and share and create ideas for how to accessibly implement different active learning opportunities. This seminar is for folks already comfortable with designing and implementing in-class activities (active learning) who want to develop a practice of reflecting and improving on these activities to provide more equitable access to students with disabilities.

GTC eligible? Yes, B2-DEI

Event Information
Location (Room):
CRLT Seminar Room (1013 Palmer Commons)
Graduate Students
U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate:
Requirement B2, Diversity and Inclusive Teaching
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