Launching CRLT’s summer book study: Braiding Sweetgrass

Braiding Sweetgrass is a national bestseller which examines the relationship between indigenous knowledge and Western scientific knowledge. Author Robin Wall-Kimmerer, an indigenous scholar and botanist who’s a SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor of Environmental Biology, suggests there’s more overlap than is often recognized. The book addresses issues of social and historical (in)justice, particularly in relation to indigenous communities in the United States.

Together in this four-meeting book study we will explore how Braiding Sweetgrass raises these themes of equity, indigenous ways of knowing, and implications for our own teaching practices through guided reflections and discussions. On May 17th, we will unpack the book’s first section, Planting Sweetgrass. Participants who register for this book study will be asked to attend all four sessions (5/17, 5/31, 6/14, 6/28) and will receive a paperback copy of the book.

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CRLT Seminar Room (1013 Palmer Commons)
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