Annual Meeting on GSI Training & Supervision

The annual CRLT meeting on GSI training and supervision will focus on providing instructors strategies for support students facing mental health challenges. For the event, the CRLT Players will be performing the following sketch:
Can I Get an Extension? Supporting Students Facing Mental Health Challenges
This workshop asks instructors to consider their roles and responsibilities in supporting students who face mental health challenges. Built around two scenarios that present situations and dynamics U-M teachers commonly encounter with their students, the session will guide participants to proactively shape their pedagogical practices with an awareness of student mental health concerns. Participants will assess their current comfort and skills interacting with students who may be experiencing distress related to mental health concerns; gain general information about the current landscape of mental health in higher education; and learn a range of specific strategies that will help them anticipate and respond--with both compassion and appropriate boundaries--to student mental health challenges. 
Event Information
Location (Room):
Forum Hall (Palmer Commons 4th Floor)
U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate:
Not eligible for Certificate
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