CRLT Multicultural Teaching: Occasional Papers

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CRLT Multicultural Teaching: Occasional Papers

Student Teams in the Engineering Classroom and Beyond: Setting up Students for Success by Cynthia J. Finelli, Inger Bergom, and Vilma Mesa, 2011. (pdf)

Teaching for Retention In Science, Engineering, and Math Disciplines: A Guide for Faculty by Marie Kendall Brown, Chad Hershock, Cynthia J. Finelli, & Chris O'Neal, 2009. (pdf)

Instructor Identity: The Impact of Gender and Race on Faculty Experiences with Teaching by Diana B. Kardia and Mary C. Wright, 2004. (pdf) 

Making Accommodations For Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Faculty and Graduate Student Instructors by Crisca Bierwert, 2002. (pdf)

The Effect of Student Diversity on Student Learning at the University of Michigan: Faculty and GSI Perspectives, 1999. A collection of twelve narratives written by UM faculty and graduate student instructors to convey their personal experiences with the complex dynamic of diversity in the University's learning environment. (pdf)

Undergraduate Women in Science and Engineering: Providing Academic Support by Susan Montgomery & Martha Cohen Barrett, 1997.(pdf)

Perceptions of Faculty Behavior By Students of Color by Mark Chesler, 1997. (pdf)

Creating Inclusive College Classrooms, by Shari Saunders and Diana Kardia, 1997: provides guidance on ways instructors can create a supportive learning environment for students.