Digitizing media-rich presentations for Spanish 232

Digitizing media-rich presentations for Spanish 232

Academic Year:
2015 - 2016 (June 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016)
Funding Requested:
Project Dates:
Chair Uniqname:
Overview of the Project:
This proposal would allow us to digitize our interactive cultural presentations and make them available in the Canvas site for students who miss class or who simply would like to review the material at their own pace. Furthermore, we hope to have speakers of different regions of the Spanish-speaking world record them so as to allow students the opportunity to hear different accents.
Number of Graduate Students Affected Annually:
8 graduate students
Number of Undergraduate Students Affected Annually:
800 undergraduate students
Proposal PDF:
Additional Supporters:
<p>Stephanie Goetz, smgoetz@umich.edu</p>
Budget Administrator:
Chris Gale galec@umich.edu
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Project Objectives:

In SP 232, we present cultural material in the target language via interactive presentations called 'mini conferences'. These are scripted and provide multi-media reinforcement of vocabulary and main concepts. Given that these are conducted in class, students who miss for whatever reason, are at a disadvantage. This project used ScreenFlow to record the presentations and now are available via the Canvas site.

Project Achievements:

The project allowed for one GSI to learn and use a new application that can help her as she continues to teach at more advanced levels in our department. For the students in our classes, the presentations online allows them to practice listening comprehension activities to the extent they want.

It will continue in the sense that the presentations are recorded and they will be available to future students in 232. The gsi who recorded them, Arcelia Guitiérrez, has a copy of the software and may continue to use it in her classes.
All future instructors and students in SP 232 (approximately 10 + 400 respectively) will have access to these recordings each semester.
Advice to your Colleagues:
Depending on the size of the presentation (ours last approximately 8 minutes), choosing a lower video quality rate may be necessary so that the file can be stored in Canvas.