What's It Like to Work at a Community College?

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What's It Like to Work at a Community College?

Online Resources about Community Colleges and Job Searches

American Association of Community Colleges

Provides a broad overview of student, staff and faculty characteristics at community colleges

Center for Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)

Serves as a valuable data source about faculty teaching methods and student learning in two-year colleges.  See the 2008 CCSSE National Report, High Expectations and High Support for a summary of key findings nationally, but individual college findings occasionally also can be found on their websites.

Average Salaries of Full-Time Faculty Members, 2011-12

Percent of Faculty and Staff With Tenure by Type of Institution

This resource includes salary data and overviews of tenure status by type of institution. (Available to Chronicle of Higher Education subscribers only)

Jenkins, R. (2012, Nov. 12). It's a viable career path. Chronicle of Higher Education.

Provides an overview of the benefits of working at a community college and qualifications that are most important to have as a Ph.D. from a research university

Jenkins, R. (2006, Feb. 17). The community-college interview. Chronicle of Higher Education.

Offers general suggestions about how to handle common questions that may arise in an interview

Jenkins, R. (2008, Feb . 11). The community-college interview: What not to do. Chronicle of Higher Ed.

Gives advice about possible missteps to avoid in an interview

Lydic, D. (2009, May 1). Interviews at community colleges. Inside Higher Ed.

Gives an overview of the community college interview process, including possibilities such as the teaching demonstration and a grading demonstration.

Michigan Community College Association

Links to Michigan community colleges and includes job postings.

Modern Language Association. (2006). A community college teaching career.

Includes sections on choosing a career in a community college, faculty roles as an English or foreign language instructor, and sample interview questions.

Nelson, A. (2009, April 10). Writing a cover letter for a community college job. Inside Higher Ed.

Gives ten tips for writing a community college cover letter.