Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) is to promote excellence and innovation in teaching in all 19 schools and colleges at the University of Michigan.

CRLT is dedicated to the support and advancement of evidence-based learning and teaching practices and the professional development of all members of the campus teaching community. CRLT partners with faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and administrators to develop and sustain a university culture that values and rewards teaching, respects and supports individual differences among learners, and creates learning environments in which diverse students and instructors can excel.


Voting stickers Structuring Classroom Discussions About Elections
October 11, 2022

This midterm election season brings an important opportunity for students and instructors to connect classroom learning to the value of civic engagement. Developments in law and politics

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Instructor and students Teaching in Fall 2022: Balancing Flexibility and Accountability
August 22, 2022

Over the past two years, instructors across the university have learned a great deal about ways to build flexibility into their

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Blurred photo of students walking on campus 2022 Equity-focused Teaching @ Michigan Series
March 28, 2022

It has been one year since CRLT has broadened its lens to center equity in our teaching and learning frameworks. Across workshops and programs, we’ve made decisions to emphasize teaching as a ‘

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Wolverine Wellness eight stages of wellness “Help: My students are overwhelmed, and so am I!”
November 16, 2021

Guest Author: Joy Pehlke, Wolverine Wellness

A common theme we are hearing from instructors across campus is the level of stress they and their students are experiencing this term. To

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instructor pointing at a whiteboard Fall 2021 Course Evaluations: Creating Useful Questions
November 15, 2021

As we pass the middle of the term, instructors are asked to think about course evaluations that students complete at the end of the term (November 19-December 10). Twelve days before evaluations

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