C. Instructional practice

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Graduate Teacher Certificate Program: C. Instructional practice
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graduate teacher certificate orientation graduate teacher certificate learning graduate teacher certificate practice graduate teacher certificate mentorship graduate teacher certificate reflection
A. Orientation to College Teaching & Student Learning B. Learning About Teaching C. Instructional Practice D. Mentorship on Teaching E. Reflection on Instructional Practice


To practice teaching and reflect on student learning, participants must complete:

C1: Two terms of teaching at U-M

Teaching experience must include direct contact with students for at least an hour, on a weekly basis throughout the term, in a classroom, studio, lab, field, or clinical setting as a section leader or instructor of recordPositions involving only grading, proctoring, and/or office hours do not fulfill this requirement. Graduate students who cannot complete a second term of teaching as a GSI, for whatever reason, may petition the U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate Advisory Committee (UMGraduateTeacherCertificate@umich.edu) to complete BOTH requirements B1 AND B2 in lieu of a second term of teaching, or to complete a second mentorship in lieu of a second term of teaching.


C2: A consultation on teaching at U-M

One of the following consultations on teaching at U-M: Midterm Student Feedback, classroom observation, classroom videotaping, or consultation on student ratings. The first three types of consultation require classroom visits by a consultant. However, if you are not currently teaching and are not expecting a GSI appointment in the future, you may request a consultation regarding your student ratings from a previous GSI appointment (see instructions below for obtaining reports on student ratings). To select the consultation type that is best for you, refer to the resources and support section below.


If you were a GSI for the same course in two different semesters, you must submit separate documentation for each GSI appointment. You may submit documentation for GSI appointments completed before participating in this program.

Participation in the U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate Program does NOT guarantee participants a GSI appointment. To locate and apply for a GSI position, contact the GSI Coordinator for the department(s) in which you would like to teach or visit the University of Michigan Academic Human Resources web site to review GSI job postings (http://www.hr.umich.edu/acadhr/grads/postings.html).  Please note that individual departments coordinate hiring for GSI positions.  CRLT does not oversee or coordinate GSI appointments.

Documentation for items 1 and 2 above must be verified by the course supervisor or consultant.  The process of verifying a GSI appointment or consultation has several steps:

  1. Submit documentation for your GSI appointment or consultation on the My Dashboard page. Include the correct uniqname for the appropriate course/GSI supervisor or consultant. 
  2. An automatically generated e-mail is then sent to the course supervisor or consultant, requesting verification.
  3. Via a secure website, the course supervisor or consultant verifies your documentation. Course supervisors and consultants do NOT evaluate your teaching or divulge confidential consultation contents. Nor will their responses be shared with individual departments for use in GSI hiring decisions or departmental teaching evaluations.
  4. After receiving faculty verification, CRLT staff update the status of your documentation, which can be viewed on the My Dashboard page.

Participants are responsible for securing verification from faculty and consultants. Please expect a time lag of at least two weeks for receipt of faculty or consultant verification and an additional time lag for CRLT staff to update the status of your submission after receiving faculty verification. If you have questions about or problems requesting faculty or consultant verification, please send an e-mail to UMGraduateTeacherCertificate@umich.edu.

Consultations on Reports of Student Ratings:
Copies of your student ratings may be requested from the departments coordinating your past GSI appointments or from the Office of Evaluations and Exams (http://www.umich.edu/~eande/). CRLT does not administer, coordinate, oversee, or archive student ratings.

Resources and Support:

CRLT Consultations on Teaching

CRLT staff are available to consult with individual GSIs who want to discuss their teaching. Consultations are confidential. To arrange a free consultation, e-mail crlt@umich.edu or call 764-0505. Several types of consultations are available:

  • Midterm Student Feedback: The consultant observes the class and, in the last 25 minutes, you turn the class over and leave the room so that the consultant can gather student feedback. The consultant clarifies and records student responses and discusses the observation and student feedback with you afterward.
  • Classroom Observation: The consultant observes your class and then discusses it with you. 
  • Classroom Videotaping: The consultant videotapes your class, then you watch parts of the tape and discuss them with the consultant.
  • Consultation on Student Ratings: You and the consultant review and discuss reports on your student ratings that you obtained from your teaching department or the Office of Evaluations and Exams.

Graduate Student Mentor Consultations on Teaching

Many departments across campus employ one or more experienced GSIs as Graduate Student Mentors who provide support to GSIs. GSMs are trained to provide the consultations listed above. You may contact GSMs directly to arrange a consultation. Check with the Graduate Student Coordinator in your department to locate or identify your GSM.