B. Learning about teaching

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GTC: B. Learning about teaching
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Learning about teaching Instructional practice Mentorship on teaching Reflection on instructional practice


To explore learning about teaching at U-M, participants must complete one of the following:


Successfully complete a U-M course on college teaching.

  • Classes that meet this requirement include:
    1. AAPTIS 837
    2. BA 830 & 831
    3. DANCE 571
    4. EDUC 708/PSYCH 958 - Cognition & Instruction in the Classroom*
    5. EDUC 710/PSYCH 958 - Learning, Thinking, and Problem Solving*
    6. EDUC 720
    7. EDUC 737 - Selected sections**
    8. EDUC 790
    9. EDUC 834
    10. EEB/MCDB 494
    11. ELI 994 (ELI 994 also satisfies Requirement A)
    12. ENGR 580/CHE 580
    13. GERMAN 531
    14. HIST 812
    15. MUSICOL 509
    16. PIBS 505
    17. ROMLANG 528
    18. ROMLANG 538
    19. SWC/WRITING 993 (Fall 2012 and later)
  • "Successful completion" of a course means receiving a final grade of B or better or receiving a "satisfactory (S)" grade in a pass/fail course. One-credit U-M departmental 993 courses may not be used to satisfy Requirement B, learning about teaching, but may satisfy Requirement A if they satisfy the requirements specified for orientations to college teaching and learning.
  • As CRLT becomes aware of additional comprehensive U-M courses on college teaching (usually 3-credit, semester-long courses), they will become eligible to be added to the list for item 1 above.  To submit a letter of petition, send an e-mail and the full course syllabus to UMGraduateTeacherCertificate@umich.edu. The Advisory Committee recommends that courses contain appropriate modules on multicultural teaching and learning and instructional technology.
  • The LS&A ELI 994 course satisfies both requirements A, orientation to college teaching and student learning, and B, learning about teaching.
  • *Other special topics under PSYCH 958 do not automatically qualify.
  • **Sections of EDUC 737 that focus on college level teaching qualify for the certificate. Sections that focus on higher ed administration, K-12 teaching, or other topics do not qualify. Prior to taking EDUC 737 to fulfill requirement B, please send the syllabus and reading list.



Attend five CRLT, departmental, or disciplinary workshops on teaching and learning. 

At least one of the five workshops must focus on inclusive teaching practices OR using instructional technology to increase student learning. Instructional technology workshops that focus only on how to use the basic functionality of hardware or software do not satisfy the requirement.  Instructional technology workshops must focus on how the technology can be applied to improve student learning. Sessions that do not explicitly focus on the development of teaching skills (e.g., a workshop on developing a statement of teaching philosophy) do not satisfy Requirement B2. Participants must attend workshops in their entirety to satisfy the requirement. Participants are not required to attend all five workshops during the same semester. Documentation for workshops and courses completed prior to enrollment in the U-M Graduate Teachers Certificate program may be submitted.




Successfully complete one of the following three opportunities:


Resources and Support:


CRLT Seminar Series (upcoming events)
Each semester, CRLT offers GSIs interactive workshops, solidly grounded in the research on teaching and learning and designed to offer practical suggestions that GSIs can incorporate into their classrooms. Seminars include sessions on multicultural teaching and instructional technology. For past eligible seminars and workshops in reverse chronological order, please consult: http://crlt.umich.edu/events_eligible_for_certificate

CRLT in Engineering Seminar Series (upcoming events)
See above. Topics are tailored toward GSIs in the College of Engineering.

Enriching Scholarship
The U-M Teaching and Technology Collaborative offers pedagogical workshops for one week each May that explore the effective integration of technology with teaching and learning.  Workshops on using technology for research do NOT fulfill Certificate requirements. Workshops focusing on teaching methods (e.g. workshops sponsored by CRLT), do fulfill Certificate requirements.

Rackham-CRLT May Preparing Future Faculty Seminar
This month-long Seminar helps advanced graduate students prepare for their first faculty teaching jobs. Topics include preparing for the job market, issues in higher education, faculty worklife, and effective college teaching methods. Fulfills the entire Certificate requirement B: learning about teaching.  Enrollment is limited and by program competitive application. Seminars include sessions on multicultural teaching and instructional technology.

Departmental Workshops on College Teaching and Learning
CRLT does not maintain a list of current departmental workshops on teaching and learning.  Please check with individual departments regarding their offerings.


ELI 994 Course
A 2-credit Winter Term course or 15-day August workshop for prospective international GSIs whose undergraduate education was not conducted in English.  This intensive course satisfies both requirements A and B. Workshops include sessions on multicultural teaching and instructional technology. CRLT receives attendance data from ELI and it isn't necessary to submit documentation. 

U-M Comprehensive Courses on College Teaching and Learning
Various units across campus offer 3-credit courses on college teaching and learning. To determine which courses are being offered, please check with individual departments. If a course does not appear in the list eligible courses on the requirements page, you may petition to add the course by sending the syllabus to UMGraduateTeacherCertificate@umich.edu  Petitions are reviewed by the Certificate Advisory Board once per term.