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Graduate Teacher Certificate Program: Requirements and Resources
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graduate teacher certificate orientation graduate teacher certificate learning graduate teacher certificate practice graduate teacher certificate mentorship graduate teacher certificate reflection
A. Orientation to College Teaching & Student Learning B. Learning About Teaching C. Instructional Practice D. Mentorship on Teaching E. Reflection on Instructional Practice

The Certificate documents professional development in five areas:

  1. attending at least 8 hours of campus-wide or departmental orientation to college teaching and student learning, including sessions on classroom climate and practice teaching;
  2. exposure to new teaching strategies through seminars and/or courses on teaching and learning;
  3. experience as a Graduate Student Instructor for at least 2 semesters in a classroom setting at the University of Michigan and receipt of a consultation on classroom teaching from an instructional consultant;
  4. mentorship on teaching from a faculty member on projects such as preparing, delivering, and receiving feedback on a guest lecture or developing a syllabus for a new course; and
  5. preparation of a teaching philosophy statement, including receiving feedback from a CRLT instructional consultant or CRLT graduate student instructional consultant. 
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Please do NOT submit documentation for a requirement until the activity has been completed.