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CRLT understands that the pandemic has made managing the demands of both family care and work responsibilities especially challenging. For many of us that means needing to step away from a Zoom meeting or having children appear on camera when they need to talk to us during a meeting. We understand that this is a part of worklife during the pandemic, and we want to reassure you that we understand and that this should not be a barrier to your participation in our events.
CRLT is continuing to host virtual open office hours Monday-Friday from 1:00-3:00pm to answer your questions about any aspect of online, hybrid, or in-person instruction. You can find more information on our open office hours webpage.
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**Cancelled** - Writing a Teaching with Technology Philosophy Statement -
Graduate Students, Postdocs
Not eligible for Certificate
This session is cancelled for the summer semester. We expect to be offering it again in the Fall semester for those interested. 

Teaching philosophy statements are vital components of instructors’ teaching portfolios as…

Reflecting on and Transferring Lessons Learned from Remote Teaching to the Post-Covid Classroom -
Faculty, Graduate Students, Postdocs, Everyone
Requirement B2

Teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic has challenged us to critically reflect on and adapt our pedagogical goals and approaches to meet the demands of remote teaching and learning and to ensure that our students remained engaged and included. But…

Rubrics: Transparent, Consistent, and Efficient Assessment in Support of Students' Learning -
Faculty, Graduate Students, Postdocs, Everyone
Requirement B2

Rubrics provide a powerful tool for grading, assessment and feedback, and act as a transparent guide for students’ learning. In this 5-day asynchronous workshop, participants will have an opportunity to explore research-based…