Upcoming Events

CRLT understands that the pandemic has made managing the demands of both family care and work responsibilities especially challenging. For many of us that means needing to step away from a Zoom meeting or having children appear on camera when they need to talk to us during a meeting. We understand that this is a part of worklife during the pandemic, and we want to reassure you that we understand and that this should not be a barrier to your participation in our events.
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2/15/23 12:00 pm - 2/15/23 1:15 pm Networking Lunch for GSMs and Faculty GSI Coordinators

This in-person session provides a great opportunity for GSMs and others who directly support GSI training across the university to meet, network, and share strategies. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss with peers in similar roles (e.g., GSM, faculty/staff) in small groups. Registrants for this session will have an opportunity to share questions prior to the session so we can better structure session activities and tailor resources. While we currently plan to provide lunch, this is subject to change depending on the public health situation at the time of the event.