Equity-focused Teaching @ Michigan Series

CRLT understands that the pandemic has made managing the demands of both family care and work responsibilities especially challenging. For many of us that means needing to step away from a Zoom meeting or having children appear on camera when they need to talk to us during a meeting. We understand that this is a part of work-life during the pandemic, and we want to reassure you that we understand and that this should not be a barrier to your participation in our events.

These events are for University of Michigan affiliates only. Any U-M instructor is welcome to register, however, some sessions may be geared more towards specific audiences. Please see the session descriptions for more details. If you have questions about registration, please email equity-focusedteaching@umich.edu for assistance.

Title Dates Short Description
Introduction to Equity-focused Teaching Faculty, Graduate Students

How can instructors deliberately cultivate learning environments (F2F and remote) where all students are valued, respected, and supported in their learning? This interactive synchronous session will introduce participants to CRLT’s research-based…

Equity-focused Strategies for Leading a Teaching Team Faculty, Graduate Students

Successful teaching happens when all instructors on a team are adequately supported, invited to share their perspective and feedback, and treated as valued colleagues. In this interactive synchronous session, we will reflect upon our own…

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Faculty, Graduate Students

Students and instructors are re-entering learning spaces with individual and collective traumas that impact their capacity to be present and effective in various ways. If we are not mindful of the ways we are responding or not responding to these…

An Introduction to Equity-focused Assessment Faculty, Graduate Students, Postdocs

How do we make decisions about our programs and courses? What information do we use to make these decisions? What assumptions do we make about that information and the ways that information is collected? In this interactive synchronous…

Reimagining STEM Education: Shifting Towards Asset-Based Teaching and Learning Faculty, Graduate Students, Postdocs

An asset-based approach to teaching is one that focuses on what students can do rather than areas of weakness. To better support students in STEM, in particular those from non-dominant groups, it is important for instructors to learn how to…

Deeper Dive Into Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Faculty, Graduate Students

This interactive synchronous session will build on the ET@M workshop “Trauma-Informed Pedagogy” (Wednesday, May 11) and provide participants with interactive space to explore strategies for understanding, recognizing, and responding to the…